Everybody Dies (includes Medieval Upheaval book excerpt)

I swear to freakin’ dog. I didn’t understand it on September 12, 2001, and I don’t understand it now: the irrational expectation of safety Americans have. This is a sometimes dangerous world we live in. Ask the fish trying to dodge the bear’s claw. Or ask the gardener planting flowers in a yard full of buzzing bees.

Nobody wants to die, but guess what? Everybody does! Death is inescapable. The problem comes when we exchange our basic human rights for a false sense of security. It’s insane to believe that Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton can or will keep each and every person in America safe.

During Europe’s 1000+ years long feudal period Europeans gathered behind fortified walls, some 40 feet high, and 30 feet thick after medieval people traded their entire way of life for the illusion of security. (I recently read that castle walls were 50 feet thick, but don’t recall the source). They literally worked their poor bodies to the bone. And guess what? The lord grew wealthier, and the workers remained severely impoverished. Plus the parents who agreed to abide by this repressive system, bound their children, and other descendants down the line to the same miserable fate.

And in the end, and all those people died anyway.

Either the castle wall was breached; or individuals were infected by one of the tons of medieval European diseases of the time; or they were killed by a fellow slave or by the master himself; or whatever.

The fact is that none of those people are living today, because – sooner or later – everybody dies.

Sure, nobody wants to die in a terrorist attack, but we didn’t choose our time of birth. And, unless one commits suicide, we don’t get to choose our time of death. Not even suicides are 100% effective.

In my book Medieval Upheaval, I warn readers that many of the feudal era’s patterns are in evidence today:

The Past is Always Present in Our Lives

Why is the story of medieval Europe even important today? The misery of medieval Europe is alive within today’s culture. The sons and daughters of the parents who lived through the medieval upheaval have exported a culture of wars, violence, poverty, hunger, suicide, slavery, deceptive business practices, market manipulation, etc., along with them to the new (to Europeans) world. Consider, for example, the early days of New York City and the aptly named Wild West. It’s all here. When we turn on our flat screens we passively watch the mania play out in programs popular only because they display uncountable scenes of gore; or we fasten our attention to settings of carnage in first-person video games. Our bodies bump and grind to its disturbing lyrics; and we read bedtime stories to our children from books filled with it. Chariot racing became car racing. Pain-filled, though far less deadly, sports are still with us disguised as hockey, football, and extreme boxing; and the theatre (movies) is still bawdy causing consternation among some segments of the population. European and Anglo-Saxon “princes” make endless warfare while they exercise the medieval “shock and awe” strategy against native populations.

The so-called war and gun tourism industries taking root within the borders of the United States has made blowing things up in places like Las Vegas and Florida leading tourist attractions; and the indefensible and wicked use of torture are but a few cultural crumbs that are found on the short, and narrow trail to medieval-ville. Besides, history is prologue, what’s past is present; strategically placed genetic and savory cultural morsels easily lure disorientated stragglers back into the medieval fold. Such is the case with visual tribal cues supplied by a Euro-centered entertainment media that normalize violent, and disturbing behaviors. Other medieval traditions wait in a sort of stasis for the right opportunity for reintroduction into the broader culture. (Medieval Upheaval, A Catalogue of Bloody European Evils, pp. 314-15).

I can guarantee you that no person, regardless of their ethnicity, wants to relive the entirety of that savage, regressive era where a lone individual had complete control over your life – including who you married, and when you had children, simply because he was wealthy.

And let me just add this, young men and women do not just wake up one day and decide to bomb innocent people. Something provoked them to that action. Was it the illegal, and immoral invasion of Iraq? Did the U.S. military stoke violence by killing family members? Or was it something else? Let’s have a discussion around these questions before we trade freedom for dumb solutions. Some white Americans never consider “payback” in their analysis of the awful events taking place around Europe. Apparently, “karma” is for someone else.

But, they ought to consider it. Because I’ll tell you what, the war instigators – those sociopaths and psychopaths who authorize terrible acts around the world, are noticeably absent from front line action. They sucker our sons and daughters into sacrificing their lives to protect our “freedom.” But, when it’s time for atonement John Q. Public is the one feeling the pain. Meanwhile, the instigators are yukking it up on yachts, or on island retreats, or wherever downing bourbons, and martinis.

The chances are zero that any of them will ever be blown to bits while sucking down a tall latte on a warm, sunny afternoon in Paris, or America.

No one should be surprised that the feudal lords had safe rooms inside their castle walls where they huddled with family members while the “regular” people were left unprotected and vulnerable outside on castle grounds.

People need to get smart about the “game” these people are playing with our lives and those of our children. We need to understand that these sociopaths and psychopaths see the world as their giant monopoly board. And we’re just the pieces that they move around at will.

We can refuse to be cannon fodder for the instigators, by always challenging official and media expert versions of reality. Doing this allows us to ask different, more challenging questions.

We can also soothe our fear of death when we understand how our African ancestors understood it. They described death as transitioning to a different state of being. Energy, which each of us is, never dies. It merely transforms.

Peace to everyone.


If you don’t know history, you’re doomed to be screwed by people who do.